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FFG Coyote and Godzilla Oil Pressure Sender Adapter

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Fat Fender Garage exclusive! This high-quality oil pressure sensor adapter is CNC milled from a solid block of aluminum. Add this to your Coyote or Godzilla motor so you can run the OEM oil pressure sender for the Coyote and Godzilla ECU and add the sender for your gauges. Installs in minutes in the factory port location. 


  • 2 copper washers
  • 2 extra ports that come with plugs installed. 
  • Fits 2018+ Gen 3 Mustang and F150 5.0 Coyote motors.
  • Fits 2020+ Godzilla motors.

The Gen 3 ECU requires the factory oil pressure sender signal or you will be limited to 3000 RPM's. But you also need to run the oil pressure sender that came with your new gauges. Some folks will  drill and tap another port in their block but that requires specialty tools that most of us don't have. Some people will purchase an oil filter adapter that provides the port, but space is very limited in our F100 engine bays, so this doesn't always work. We designed this adapter to allow you to run the factory sender and your after market gauge sender in the factory location. So no need to drill and tap a new port, and it doesn't take up valuable real estate in the engine bay. The only tools you will need are a couple wrenches and Teflon thread sealing tape for your aftermarket gauge sender.



Customer Reviews

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shop owner

Was not what we thought, when you mount it it hits the block and leaked. Had to space it out to fix problem!!! needs to have shoulder on back side longer.

Brian Hefley
Not needed for Gen 3 and Dakota Digital

This is not needed for Gen 3 if running Dakota Digital gauges. The ECU will provide oil pressure via DD BIM. Also cheap aluminum plugs not installed and center stripped installing. Bought new brass plugs. Uninstalled after Dakota Digital said it is not needed.

Oil sensor adapter 👍

I got it for my coyote swap in my 60 Monterey. It worked perfectly, tight fit to install, but looks good, well made, and machined perfectly.

We're delighted to hear that our Oil Sensor Adapter worked perfectly for your Coyote swap in your 60 Monterey. A tight fit for installation is often a sign of precision engineering, and we're pleased to know that it looks good, is well made, and machined to perfection.

If you ever have more projects or need assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for choosing our product, and we look forward to serving you again.

Enjoy your Coyote-powered 60 Monterey!

Jeremy Parsons
FFG Coyote Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter

Great design and option for adding sensor with Gen 3 Coyote swap. Fits perfectly.