We do all different-sized projects from frame-off restorations to simple disc-brake upgrades. We are happy to help you with all of your projects, just bear in mind that we schedule out in advance, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

No, as we have no way to accuratley estimate what a build will cost. It’s extremely difficult to predict all the problems inherent to an old vehicle. Each project is custom; therefore, we do not operate as a traditional auto repair shop. We’re more like a custom truck boutique. We bill $85 per hour for labor, plus additional cost of parts. We will be able to provide a reasonable attempt at a ballpark price, but it is by no means an estimate.

We can build anything you want, as long as it doesn’t compromise safety, style, or integrity. Occasionally, custom parts can extend the time, but a full, custom build will typically take about 12-16 months.

We provide a 6-month parts and labor warranty on the parts purchased and installed by Fat Fender Garage. After 6-months, we will get replacement parts that are under a manufacturer’s warranty. Customer-supplied parts are not covered under our warranty. Our warranty requires that general care and maintenance be performed regularly. Retail parts purchased from us and installed elsewhere are covered solely by the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is a case-by-case situation. Keep in mind that we do not warranty any paintwork or bodywork that didn’t begin with bare metal, as we cannot guarantee that the older paint won’t chemically react and have issues. All manufacturers have products that are designed to work together; mixing various products may cause paint failure.

Yes, we are happy to do upholstery on any project.  We can make your vehicle’s interior sing!  Currently, we have quite a fast turnaround time on upholstery projects.

We collect a deposit for parts and bill weekly for labor. We require payment within seven days. If a payment is late, we will temporarily halt work on your vehicle until the payment is received, and we may have to advance another project ahead in the queue.

We only have so much shop space, so we do need to maintain momentum with builds. Contact us if you have budget constraints. We may be able to work in stages.

Yes, in fact most of our clients are out of state. We provide weekly updates with pictures that you can access online throughout the build. Remember, you can always contact us with questions. We accommodate all types of clients, from involved and particular to hands-off. Let us know how we can best engage with you during the project.