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Employment Opportunities

Looking to start a career at Fat Fender?

Who We're Looking For

Fat Fender Garage is a restoration and restomod classic truck shop that started as a hobby and a dream before it turned into a reality in 2013.

We feel that becoming good at something requires being consistent at it. The trucks gave us the joy and opportunity we were looking for to become specialists and hone our craft. We specialize in Coyote Swaps, Full Classic & Hot Rod Restoration Builds which opened up the doors to developing brand new custom chassis' and our own custom products.

We're looking for experienced and genuine candidates to join our team and help us on our mission: building high quality vintage trucks, parts and chassis' that push the envelope every way that we can.

Current Openings:

Exhaust Fabricator

Job Type: Full-time

Builders/Assembly Technicians

Job Type: Full-time

Wiring Technician

Job Type: Full-time