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Fat Fender Services

whether its a full build or a do it yourself kit, we've got you covered.

Full Service Build

Contact us now and get on our waitlist

Partial Service Build

*Coming Soon*

Chassis Swap

Custom Chassis with FFG X PBFab

Retail DIY

Bring the FFG experience to your own garage

Full-Service Design and Build

Full-Service Design and Build

A top-to-bottom build is a 1–2-year process; contact us now to get on our waiting list!

Fat Fender Garage specializes in all things classic trucks and Broncos: Coyote swaps, LS Swaps, full classics, hot rod restoration builds, and everything in between. We work closely with you throughout the process--from design to completion--to create the build of your dreams. Hey, we’re proud of our builds, and know you will be too.

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*Coming Soon* Partial Service Build

*Coming Soon* Partial Service Build

At our vehicle customization shop, we understand that not every customer wants or needs a full build from the ground up. That's why we offer our Partial Service Build, a specialized service that allows you to focus on just one or two aspects of your vehicle customization project.

Whether you want to upgrade your engine, install new suspension, or give your vehicle a fresh paint job, our Partial Service Build can help you get there. We'll work with you to determine the best approach for your specific needs and budget, and we'll keep you informed every step of the way to ensure you're satisfied with the results.

Chassis Swap Build: (Custom chassis with FFG x PBFab, minimal paint)

Chassis Swap Build: (Custom chassis with FFG x PBFab, minimal paint)

For performance and drivability, our chassis builds are perfect. We control each step of chassis production to ensure the highest quality standards using in-house welded American steel and the latest version of Solidworks. Each part is designed and built with factory tolerances in mind.

Your custom Porterbuilt Chassis from FFG will suit your goals--from basic to luxe. With the new chassis ready to go, we then have your project shipped to us and we begin to swap the sheetmetal over. We will clean up the firewall and paint the engine compartment along with undercoating the bottom side of things in a black bedliner, but that’s where we try to limit the paint work. We then assemble the sheetmetal, plumb the fluids and wire it up. This usually is a 6 month process from chassis ordering. Time frames can vary depending on the chassis lead times.

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Retail Sales (DIY Build)

Retail Sales (DIY Build)

Bring the FFG experience to your own garage when you purchase custom parts for your at-home-truck project. This can be anything from a new chassis to just a nice little upgrade to make the project that much cooler. Your options include in-house fabricated FFG exclusive parts, to Porterbuilt, Wilwood, American Autowire, Cerakote, Flaming Rive and more. We provide you with the best products for your build. You’re in the right place. Build your own FFG right in your garage.

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