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Factory Fan Box Delete Panel - 1973-79 Ford Truck


When removing the old factory heater core and fan box there is usually an unsightly hole that has to be filled or covered. This delete panel will allow you to cover up the large hole and also make a clean, custom look in the engine bay. The panel can be bolted or welded in. If you bolt it in, some weather-stripping may be necessary to avoid wind coming into the cab. No hardware included.

Fits all 1973-79 Ford pickup trucks and 78-79 Broncos.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Very minimal trimming to get to fit (totally expected to have to trim much more) my only complaint is the beadroller was of its mark a little but no big deal, nobody will ever notice once painted.

Eric Taylor
1973-79 Ford Truck A/C Delete Panel

Priced fairly, shipped in warp speed, and described accurately. Although I admit this is picky, it would be handy to have the steel template include the cut out for the factory non-ac heater box that requires holes for the fan motor and tow hoses. I realize one has to balance this against all the after-market designs so my request may be reasonable but not feasible or cost-effective. Still, I am happy you make this panel. Recommend without reservation.

Gary Gibson
A/C box Fan Box Delete Panel

Great product just what I needed after removing the big A/C box from the engine compartment of my 78 Bronco. It needed to be trimmed some but I fully expected that. Really cleaned up the engine bay.

Richard Selio
Good product Ac delete panel

Good steel plate , fast shipping . Had to trim a little bit , also , does not come pre drilled or painted so will have to sand and paint.

Jeff Ritz

Factory Fan Box Delete Panel - 1973-79 Ford Truck