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1973-79 Ford Truck Membrane Kit

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This kit features everything needed to thermal insulate and sound deaden your 1973-79 Ford Truck. Our engineers and working with pro builders designed this kit to give you the best bang for your buck. With a guaranteed 90% coverage, you can’t go wrong. Installation is a breeze, simply just clean your surface, peel Membrane, and stick it to your surface.

This 1973-79 Ford Truck Membrane kit contains 14 sheets of Membrane 5mm (the original) and 5 sheets of Membrane Max 8mm (greater thermal protection). Each sheet is 18″ X 31.5″. This kit also comes with 4 rolls of Membrane tape and 1 application roller to get your installation up and going.




Restomod Air’s Membrane 5mm material is designed to be installed on the floor cab, door panels, and back wall of your 1973-79 Ford Truck. Membrane’s insulation material has sound-deadening properties that create a perfect barrier for blocking out noise from the road. It is able to effectively prevent unwanted noise, vibrations, and any disturbances the road throws at you due to its 4 layers of protection. Not only does Membrane 5mm block sound it also helps keep your cab cool because it is a thermal insulator.

Designed for the floor cab, door panels, and back wall Membrane 5mm material gives you the protection you are looking for sound deadening and easy installation. The 2mm Butyl Layer is for vibration damping and is proven to quiet the noise and rattles your vehicle produces. Membrane can be applied anywhere to block out the outside noise. Membrane’s 3mm of closed-cell installation foam rubber does a lot. When applied to your floor, doors, and back wall there is a significant decrease in temperatures. Don’t just hush it, block it with Membrane.

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