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1965-72 Ford Truck COYOTE SWAP Fuel Tank and Fuel Pump


All tanks are built to order and are currently running on a 4-6 week lead time. 


Our custom 1965-1972 EFI Ford Fuel Tank is perfectly designed for your Coyote Swapped truck. This built to order tank uses a Mustang GT fuel pump and can be upgraded to a supercharged GT 500 pump to fit your Coyote Swap needs. No need to purchase a sending unit because our GT pumps have their own sending units attached. We recommend adding one of our GT or GT 500 Pulse Width Modulated Control Systems to provide a standalone, manifold referenced, PE-type returnless fuel system.  As shown in photos, this is a center fill tank and includes a safety rollover valve. See Description for more information on parts and specs. 

Includes: Safety Rollover Vent AND a Mustang GT or GT500 Pump, which comes with a built in Fuel Level Sensor.

Don't forget to add: Our fat fender Push Fuel Cap and Adapter and effortlessly convert Boyd 2" NPSM necks to OEM style caps.



  • Tank Dimensions: Fits between frame rails and cross members.
  • Tank Material: .125 Aluminum
  • NC Machined Non-Vented / Threaded Cap.
  • 1/2″ NPT Vent
  • 2 Baffles
  • Accepts either a Mustang GT or GT500 pump
  • Approx. 20 Gallons


Pump Assembly: We include and use your choice of a 2020 Shelby GT500 supercharged pump with a 850 horsepower rating for your supercharged Coyote Swap or a stock Mustang GT pump with a 500 horsepower rating. 

Fuel Level Sensor: Our Mustang GT and our 2020 Shelby GT 500 supercharged coyote pumps have an attached fuel level sensor.

Rollover Safety Vent: We include a rollover safety vent, which is a simple ball check valve that allows air in and out of the tank as needed. In the event of a rollover, the ball will drop and block the vent port from leaking fuel. Additionally, it also has a small float inside that will help reduce the amount of liquid entering the vent hose from fuel slosh during normal everyday use.

Pulse Width Modulated Control System: We recommend adding one of our applicable Pulse Width Modulated control systems which we offer on our site. We offer a Ford GT and a Ford GT 500 Supercharged. These are simple to use and the stand-alone manifold pressure sensors tell the Pulse Width Modulated controllers how to adjust the fuel pressure. Just like a manifold referenced mechanical fuel pressure regulator, simply connect the hose from the pressure sensor mount to the intake manifold, set the fuel pressure according to the need, and you’re done. Base fuel pressures at idle are typically between 42-60psi, but the controller has much greater range if needed. 

Fuel Line System: Designed to work with a returnless style fuel line system. We recommend using our FFG custom kit which includes the line and all the fittings to go from the fuel tank and connect to the coyote fuel rail. Fuel filter and clamps are also included in this kit.

Bed Fill: Standard bed fill tank with cap. The standard bed fill tank will come with a threaded cap and neck as shown in the pictures which sticks up approx. 3” and sits just below the bed floor. This will require you to have a bed fuel door. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kris Hudson
1965-72 Ford Truck COYOTE SWAP Fuel Tank and Fuel Pump

Well I was asked to give a review on my purchase, so…. Fuel pump came super quick. Still waiting on the fuel tank so can’t really comment about that just yet.

Sean smith

The tank assy seems to be well made. Glad there is an option to utilize a factory pump and modulate my fuel pressure and not worry about a return line on my system.

Don Metzler

I did not receive the tank yet. 🏁