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Dual Fan Spal Brushless Fan Wiring Kit

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We're excited to offer this Dual Spal Brushless Fan Wiring Kit with a 195°F sensor. This kit comes with everything you need for your radiator to run how you need; a temperature sensor, temperature sensor harness and two fan pigtail harnesses. For more information, see details below. 


  • Temperature sensor (175°F – 195°F)
  • Temperature sensor harness
  • Fan pigtail harness(QTY:2)


Temperature Sensor Range: At the lower temperature the fan will turn on at it’s minimum speed. As temperature increases the fan speed and airflow will increase. At the sensors highest temperature the fan will be on at full speed and will be moving it’s maximum rated CFM.

Wiring Instructions: These kits will require a maxi style fuse holder and fuse. A 40 amp fuse for 300W fans and 50 amp fuse for 500W fans. See Spal's wiring diagram below for instructions on how to wire your kit. 

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