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Rear Dropmember Kit | 1953-56 Ford F100

SKU FFG-F5356-RDMK-L1-12

All kits are built-to-order, and have a standard 10-12 week lead time.


Enhance your Ford F100 with the Fat Fender Garage 53-56 Ford F100 Rear Dropmember Kit, a budget-friendly yet quality solution from PorterBuilt chassis. Built-to-order with a standard 10-12 week lead time, this kit is tailored for home builders seeking a hassle-free bolt-in solution without compromising ride quality.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Starting Point: What our Price Includes

    • Dropmember
    • Frame Rails
    • Crossmembers
    • 4-Link Control Arms
    • Bed Mounts
    • Suspension Bridge
    • Shock Relocation Brackets
    • Watts Link
    • Hardware
  • Customization Options:

    • Choose between Airbags or Coilovers
    • Select from 12", 13", or 14" Wilwood Brakes

Suspension Options: Coilovers or Airbags: Level 1, 2 or 3


The coilover suspension includes Falcon coilovers shocks with coil springs and all mounting hardware.

  • Level 1: 1-2" drop. Slightly lower than stock height, no bed modification required.
  • Level 2: 4-6" drop. Lower than stock height, bed modification required.


The airbag suspension includes Firestone F900 + Shock kit, shocks, and mounting hardware. Cruise at a safe and comfortable ride height on the road, then drop your truck onto the running boards for an ultra-low look at car shows or local meet-ups.

  • Level 3: Frame will lower to the ground

Rear Axle:

  • Currie 9" Centurion Housing/Torino Ends
  • Notched Style Cover
  • 6" Standard Width
  • Ford 9" Third Member with 31 Spline Axles
  • TrueTrac
  • 3.50 Gears
  • Brackets for airbag or coilover setup welded to the housing for convenience.

Stopping Power

The more horsepower you run, the bigger your brakes should be. If you are going to autocross your truck, then bigger is definitely better. The larger diameter rotor is better and dissipating the extreme heat experienced in racing. 

  • 12″ Kit: For 15" wheels or larger
  • 13″ Kit: For 17" wheels or larger
  • 14″ Kit: For 18" wheels or larger

Installation Instructions:

Instructions included in the package

Embark on a journey of transformation with the Fat Fender Garage 53-56 Ford F100 Rear Dropmember Kit. Experience the perfect blend of quality, budget-friendliness, and customization, enhancing your ride to new heights.

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