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Exploring the 1957-1960 Ford F-100 Chassis: A Blend of Style and Performance

Exploring the 1957-1960 Ford F-100 Chassis: A Blend of Style and Performance

Welcome back to another exciting video! In today's discussion, we will delve into the intricacies of the 1957-1960 Ford F-100 chassis. Specifically, we will explore a complete air ride setup that not only adds an impressive aesthetic appeal but also offers exceptional performance. So, let's dive in and discover why this chassis is gaining popularity among truck enthusiasts.

Unveiling the Air Ride System: One of the standout features of this chassis is its complete air ride system. When fully aired up, the truck's body lays low, with the lower rocker almost touching the ground. This ultra-low ride height creates a visually striking appearance that is hard to ignore. Initially, one might question the purpose of such a modification. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the air ride system enhances the truck's overall appeal.

Low Custom Chassis 1957-60 F100 Swap

Benefits of Air Ride Suspension: Aside from its striking appearance, an air ride suspension offers numerous benefits. With this setup, the truck can achieve a ride height of approximately five and a half inches when fully aired up. The shocks installed in the chassis provide the necessary suspension, while the truck effectively "floats" on air. Compared to traditional coilovers, which offer a more rigid and mechanical ride, the air ride system delivers exceptional comfort, rivaling that of modern trucks.

The Chassis Manufacturer: The chassis used in this setup is manufactured by a company called Porterbuilt, led by Nate Porter. This collaboration between Porterbuilt and Fat Fender Garage has resulted in the design and construction of these exceptional F-100 chassis. With a focus on quality and innovation, Porterbuilt chassis are considered some of the best in the industry, offering superior performance and durability.

Porterbuilt Fabrication Chassis

Differentiating Chassis Quality: It is important to note that not all chassis are created equal. Various chassis companies have their unique strengths and differences. Some prioritize affordability, sacrificing ride quality and structural integrity. Others focus on providing a balance between cost and quality, offering decent chassis options. Then there are those, like the Porterbuilt chassis, that prioritize delivering the best possible quality. These premium chassis options ensure exceptional ride quality, structural integrity, and long-term value.

Investing in the Foundation: The chassis is the foundation of any project truck, akin to the concrete foundation of a house. Cutting corners or opting for a lower-budget chassis may result in compromised ride quality and structural integrity. Just as a weak foundation can lead to problems in a house, a subpar chassis can lead to issues like cracked drywall and misaligned doors. Therefore, it is crucial to allocate a sufficient budget and invest in the best possible chassis for your project, setting the stage for a successful build.

Exquisite Details of the Chassis: The chassis we are exploring features a stunning titanium color, adding a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic. Additionally, the wheels have been upgraded to complement the color scheme, with titanium wheels enhancing the truck's visual appeal. This particular chassis will house a dark red '57 Ford truck body, creating a captivating fusion of colors.

Paying Attention to Detail: When constructing a chassis, it is essential to consider the intricate details and design choices. The fuel line, for instance, has been meticulously routed internally, ensuring it remains protected from electrical components and heat. This attention to detail promotes both safety and optimal performance. The fuel system features an efficient pulse width modulated fuel management system, allowing for precise control and enhanced fuel pressure.

Boyd Welding Fuel Tank and System

Thoughtful Component Placement: The chassis incorporates two batteries positioned at the rear, offering practicality and safety. Additionally, a shut-off mechanism prevents battery drainage and acts as a protective measure in the event of an impact. The rear end features a nine-inch third member with customizable gear ratios, tailoring the performance to the truck's specifications. A rear sway bar has also been added to address any body roll, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride.

An Integrated Air Suspension Solution: To provide seamless control over the air ride system, an AccuAir system has been integrated into the chassis. This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for separate valve bodies and simplifies the installation process. Furthermore, a meticulously designed Endo tank with internal valves enhances the overall cleanliness and efficiency of the system. This well-thought-out setup ensures ease of serviceability and a superior customer experience.

Accuair Air Ride Chassis System

The Heartbeat: Engine and Powertrain: Powering this impressive chassis is an Illuminator motor, purpose-built to provide an exceptional driving experience. The Illuminator motor comes equipped with a 3.0 Whipple supercharger, delivering substantial horsepower, approximately 700-750 horses. This setup offers a perfect balance between exhilarating performance and manageable control. Additionally, the engine boasts lower compression, ensuring optimum performance with the supercharger. Notably, this pre-built motor eliminates the need for extensive modifications, saving both time and money.

Supercharger Chassis Whipple

Motor Chassis

Choosing the Right Components: The chassis includes carefully selected components to ensure optimal performance. The front runner kit by Power by the Hour has been incorporated, providing a comprehensive solution for accessory mounting. Flaming River power steering rack offers precise control and easy sealing, while Wilwood brakes ensure reliable stopping power. The collaboration with trusted component manufacturers guarantees top-notch quality and compatibility. (Click Here to learn more about our Wilwood brake kits.)

Wilwood Brakes

Wheel Selection and Customization: The choice of wheels can significantly impact the overall look and style of the truck. While multiple brands offer exceptional options, Schott Wheels have been chosen for this particular build. Schott Wheels provide high-quality options with various center cap designs, allowing customers to personalize their trucks according to their preferences (Shop Schott Wheels Here.) The wheel selection process often involves collaboration between the customer, builder, and trusted wheel manufacturers to create a cohesive and visually appealing final result.

Schott Performance Custom Wheels on Chassis

The 1957-1960 Ford F-100 chassis, particularly when paired with an air ride system, offers truck enthusiasts a remarkable blend of style, performance, and comfort. The collaboration between Porterbuilt and Fat Fender Garage has resulted in the creation of exceptional chassis options that meet the highest standards of quality. By understanding the significance of investing in a robust foundation, considering every detail, and choosing the right components, enthusiasts can build their dream trucks that not only turn heads but also deliver an exceptional driving experience. So, when embarking on a project, remember to prioritize the chassis, as it sets the stage for an extraordinary build.


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